I may not have the traditional blonde/brunette fitness beauty look, but I do have a style unique to myself that I am proud of. I used to be what I considered “average”, thin, long brunette hair, but I never thought I was beautiful. Once I found the look that worked for me that helped me stand out I truly felt confident. I hope to inspire others to not conform to the traditional beauty standards if you don't want to - become someone that you WANT to be and what makes you happy and confident.

         I quit my regular “9-5” job to pursue what I loved (modeling, cosplay and gaming)once I realized my own schedule was getting too overwhelming for my normal job. I found that I enjoy freelance work, being my own boss. How successful I am will be determined by my own self worth, not waiting for someone to quit, or get fired.


        My look was actually inspired by video game characters, I've been a avid video gamer since I was a little girl playing SNES. All of my characters I would create had bright red hair with a slight shaved style to them. Being able to escape reality and create amazing characters was also what inspired me to get into fitness to become a better version of myself. My dad brought me into the world computers, it was through him I learned everything I know. Eventually through part of my freelance journey, I decided to give a try and I do gaming and creative livestreams every week at

        I've competed in several bodybuilding shows of different federations (NPC, UNBA) but I found them to be a bit too time consuming and political, so I'm taking a break from competing for a while. I also received my certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to become an official personal trainer.       

Noteable Achievements:
-NPC Excalibur Open Bikini division in Dec 2012.
-NPC Grand Prix Open Bikini April 2017.
-UNBA Open Bikini June 2017 (1st in height class and overall)

-Showdown LLC Promo Girl
-King of the Cage Ring Card Girl
-Published in Modelz View (cover model), Fitness Star International, Dezire and Brand Model Magazine.
-Featured on Gamespot, the Merced Sun-Star, and Bethesda's Fallout 76, "Inside The Vault" Blog.

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer






5' 6"













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