Get Your Fit Game On

So, it's a new year, you're probably lost in the amazing video games you got for Christmas. (Me? I got Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, and a couple of other Steam games). BUT, what about that goal you pushed back, the one to stay or get in shape? Video games can be a huge distraction to that goal, it's easy to fall into the "Once I finish this game, THEN I'll get serious on my fitness goals" trap, but most people end up spiraling out, hating themselves for it and then giving up. I'm here to tell you a secret...


Hell, you don't even have to actually go to a gym anymore to work out. (But it definitely helps). Let's start you off with an easy way to hit your goal of exercising more that is easy to get into.

(This is an older picture of me when I used to take 5-10 min breaks every hour of gaming to hit some weights at home!)

Presenting, the "I love video games but also know I need to work out" workout. :P

I challenge you to set a timer on your phone for every hour while you are playing video games. Once the timer goes off, pick 2 sets of any of the following:

20 body weight squats

10 pushups (can be done on knees if needed)

30 seconds of jump rope (if you have the room)

10 burpees

10 squat jumps

10 tuck jumps

15 crunches

10 lunges (each leg)

5 lunge jumps (each leg)

15 glute floor bridges

30 sec plank

15 butt kickers

So say you've been playing from 5pm to 6pm. At 6pm, you'd do 20 body weight squats, 10 pushups, and BAM, you're done! Set your timer for another hour and either do the same, or mix and match. Easy, right? You can increase the reps and time, or add in more sets as they become easier to increase the challenge. To make the workouts even harder, keep a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands handy, so that when your hourly timer goes off you can go straight into weighted versions of your favorite exercises.

Think of how impressive you'll sound saying, "AFK need to do my quick hourly workout."

Let me know how it works out for you!

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