Hawaii: Day 1

Well today was the day. After an exciting TwitchCon only a day before, General and I were off to a much needed vacation/marriage/honeymoon!!!

General was a little nervous about the airport process as he hadn’t flown since elementary, but a someone who flies a lot I knew what to do and guided us through bag check in, TSA and the boarding process. We flew via Alaska Airlines and had no complaints! General was excited getting to be in a plane for a long time (it was about a 5 hr 45 min flight) and enjoyed all the technical aspects of how airports are run as well as how the plane flies. This is also his first time overseas, and his furthest trip he’s ever taken. I have family who live on Oahu and on the big island, so this is my 4th or 5th time to Hawaii?


Once we landed in Honolulu, next up was to get our bags then head to the rental car area. HNL makes it really easy to find, its right across from the baggage claim For Alaska Airlines. I was anxious about this part because we went with Advantage and they had terrible yelp reviews due to the time people waited in lines for their car, but it wasn’t too bad, maybe about an hour long wait. We ended up with a Hundai Accent which is pretty nice!

Then the hour long drive to the air bnb. We were greeted with rain, rainbows and lush tropics on the drive over so despite the length of time, it was enjoyable. The airnbnb is a pretty nice condo, unfottunately the patio area is not covered up with screens like in the photos, but the other units seem to have covers. Also the sliding door seems a bit broken and there is no screen, so we won’t be able to get fresh air from it. :( The kitchen is really nice and immaculate though, and the bedroom is nice! We needed groceries for the 2 weeks we will be here, and the closest was Foodland. I was so exited to see my favorite brand of sweet bread, giddy for all the types of Hawaiian meats they had around the deli, it was overwhelming!

I did get a call from the company in charge of our wedding and unfortunately there is a protest going on at the beach we are supposed to be getting married at. The beach is 5 miles long though, so he said we could still get married there but we would have to park at a nearby Mcdonalds and he could drive us over instead of having to park at the beach park. It’s been a stressful first day but I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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