Hawaii: Day 2- Bikes, Turtle Bay and Kualoa Ranch

This morning I woke up at 5am Hawaii time (8am California time) to darkness, but the sound of birds. Something I’ve always loved about Hawaii was the sound of birds and the rain. I even love the smells, Hawaii has a very wet perfume-y smell to it, I don’t even mind the humidity because the sporadic showers that happen all the time make it feel great.

First thing General and I did in the morning were go to Lei Lei’s Bar and Grill for breakfast. It was about a 2 minute car ride, or an 8 minute walk from our condo with a lovely view of the golf course. We had a breakfast croissant sandwich with Portuguese sausage in it and it was pretty good. (I kinda forgot to take a photo of the sandwich.

After that we had our bikes dropped off from North Shore Bike Rentals. They were very nice and made the process easy, and we found out one of them was from the OC!

We rode around Turtle Bay Resort for a while exploring the area, a small section of trails around a stable, etc. We also picked up our marriage license worksheet, so we are all set to go for our wedding day!

Our touristy trip of the day was to the amazing Kualoa Ranch, where many famous movies were shot. We took the premiere VIP movie tour so we got to make stops, get out and take photos with some of the locations. We got to see the indominus rex pen (complete with the scratch marks and the observation deck), a fallen helicopter from King Kong Skull Island (along with a bone graveyard), where they filmed the mososaur area in Jurassic World, the gallimumus log from the original Jurassic Park and more. Photos can be found below!

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