Hawaii Day 3: Polynesian Cultural Center

Today my mom, most of my aunties, my future mother in law, General and I got together to hang out and visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. For those of you who have never been, the PCC features mini versions of 6 Polynesian Villages (Aotearoa, Fiji, Hawai’i, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga) where you can learn about each culture and participate in activities.

Before we went to the PCC, we met up at the Hukilau Cafe which was a little local hole in the wall cafe in a residential area. The food was ok, cheap, filling enough to be a good start to the day. I got Portuguese sausage (again) with eggs and rice.

Our tickets to the PCC included entrance to the island villages, an island buffet as well as admission to the show “HA: Breath of Life”. The first thing we did was wander around the villages and listen to the presentations, as well as watched the Huki: A Canoe Celebration in which perfomers from the different islands danced on canoes to tell the story of how the PCC was formed.

The island buffet was pretty good and had delicious food such as Kahlua pork, Hawaiian fried chicken, taro bread rolls and haupia. The inside was also gorgeous!

The Ha: Breath of Life show was amazing and featured more dancing, fire performances and the set had water features. I wasn’t able to film or take photos during it so you’ll just have to see it for yourself! The PCC is a great entertaining and educational place to visit, and I highly recommend it as a must see to anyone visiting Oahu.

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