Hawaii Day 5: Wedding Day!

Today was kinda a big deal...General and I got married! We got married at Waimanalo Beach at 11am. The wedding organier had us meet at a McDonald’s nearby (classy eh?) and then we made a wedding caravan and drove over to a beach entrance in the residential area. He took us this way because there are currently protests going on at the main entrance, for some reason part of the Sherwood Forest was cleared out without any say from the Hawaiian people. Sherwood Forest is attached to Waimanalo Beach.

At the ceremony the reverend did a great job in his speech, our vows, and he even blew a conch shell and we did a mixing of the sands ceremony with real Hawaiian sand. My mom wanted a ukulele player during the ceremony so he played at times and gave us a private song. The waters at the beach was so clear and no one was there pretty much, it was very private and intimate, it was perfect. My mom did messs up our wedding certificate and signed the wrong spot, but then the reverend wrote the wrong date. He gave us a second copy but then my mother in law signed where General and I were supposed to print.

For the dinner reception I didn’t want anything too big but did want to go to a nice restaurant on the beach, so I had made reservations for Roy’s in Turtle Bay. Since it was a celebration of our marriage, they gave us complimentary champaign and a complimentary desert. The food was very good, most of us had Macademia Nut Encrusted Mahi Mahi and for desert (besides the complimentary lemon cake) we had a chocolate soufflé which was also really good.

...I’m married now!

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