Hawaii Day 7: Coral Crater Adventure Park & Germaine’s Luau

Edit: Sorry for lack of photos in this post, my micro SD for my phone got corrupted somehow so I lost some photos.

Today was a long but fun day. It started out at Coral Crater Adventure Park in which we did zip lining for 2 hours (2 different lines) and ATV riding (for 45 minutes).

The zip line was so cool, and was the first time I went through a jungle track (I did the zip lining off Rio) , this was absolutely beautiful! For the 3rd and 6th line I got to race General down the zip line. The first time, he won, the second time it was a “tie” but I think technically I would have won but my instructor stopped me too early. :P

ATV riding was fun too! Normally, one person gets to drive for 25 mins, then you can switch drivers but driving seemed like too much of a liability and a workout for me, so I let General drive north time while I got to enjoy the bumpy tide while he tried to splash me with mud.

We were super muddy after the ATV riding and had a luau to go to tonight with my family, so we stopped at White Plains Beach to take a beach shower.

We stopped by a small shopping center near the Disney Au’Lani Resort and I bought an adorable dog biscuit lei for Zulu. Then we explored the different beach lagoons behind the resorts.

Finally to finish off our night, we met with family at Germain’es Luau. I’ve gone once before when I was younger but this was General’s first time. My mom’s cousin Sabrina is the master of ceremonies as well as the main singer, so we were able to get good seats and at a discount. We got to eat at at a Hawaiian buffet. While dancers from the different Polynesian islands danced on stage.

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