Hawaii Day 8: Turtle Beach and Waimea Valley

We decided to take it a little easier today after all the driving and exploring we’ve been doing lately, so we stuck to exploring the North Shore. For breakfast, we ate at Cafe Haleiwa and I had sweet bread french toast with eggs. After that, I wanted General to see a Hong (turtle) so we stopped by Laniakea Beach (Turtle Beach) to find one. They are protected, so you need to stay at least 10ft away from one. We got lucky and found one on the beach, with not a lot of other tourists around it!

We headed to Waimea Vallyear next, a large botanical garden with Hawaiian culture and a beautiful waterfall that you can swim in at the very end. We didn’t go swimming because it was a bit deep, but the trails, jungle and flower were absolutely beautiful. I wanted us to swim at Waimea Bay Beach but the parking lot was full, so we ended up going back to our condo, and biking to the beach close to us (Turtle Bay Beach). It had been so long since I’ve been in Hawaii waters and I forgot how great it feels. So clear, and the perfect temperature. When you get out of the water, you don’t feel freezing cold like you do in California. You could walk out, then walk around soaking wet and be fine. We finished off the day by going to Pounders (haha, its a restaurant) at the PCC. As an appetizer we had kahlua pork quesadillas and my main course was a loco moco burger that was way too big to eat normally.

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