Hawaii Day 9: Bikes and Temples

For some reason Wix has decided to be a pain in the ass so I cant organize my photos, it only lets me put them in the beginning of the post. Sorry about that!

Another chill day today, or at least that’s now it started. I finally looked up the bike paths around here and we realized we had gone a wrong path, and the trails were absolutely gorgeous, though perhaps more meant for mountain bikes than beach cruisers. Unfortunately, as I was biking I petalled just right (or just wrong) and my toe got stuck between a stump holding a reflector in the middle of the path and my bike petal, causing my nail to move. At first I thought I just hit it, it kinda hurt but when I looked down and saw all the blood I knew we had to turn around and head back to the condo. I’m pretty sure I tore the bottom of my nail and there is a chance that it may fall off but I’m not going to think about that right now m’kay. After that the bikes were picked up, we stopped by Foodland so I could wrap up my toe better, and then drove to the lovely Byodo-In Temple. To end the day we ate at Seven Brothers (I had garlic shrimp again).

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