Universal Studios Hollywood's New Jurassic World Ride

I'm mostly making this blog post for JohnsPropWorkshop and other Jurassic Park fans, to show some of the new parts and improvements with Universal Studio's converted Jurassic World area. Let's start with the area itself, which is in the lower lot of Universal Studios.

Pardon the crane in the background

Most of it is the same, just some new banners, the Jurassic World gates (of course) and the signs turned to the new blue and white color scheme. HOWEVER! There was one fine addition...

The bar is actually that rock on the right side of the top image

The menu for the Jurassic Cafe is pretty much the same, they have some pretty awesome roast chicken (and the portions are large compared to everywhere else in the park). This is always the place I stop to eat during my Universal Studios visit.

To the side of the ride they also have an area called "Jurassic Encounters" where every few hours either a triceratops comes out, or Blue the raptor. The costumes are actually pretty good! They have a "handler" that is miced up and helps guests take photos with the dinosaurs, all while educating/warning them. I must find out how to work at Universal and cosplay as a dinosaur. Best, cosplay ever. The dinos can walk, blink, roar, they are good quality! I imagine it sucks in the summer time though.

Finally the RIDE ITSELF! The line area for the Jurassic Park has always been really well done, and its only gotten better with the Jurassic World ride. They replaced the fat CRT monitors with long LCD screens, and updated the old videos fit in with Jurassic World. You can watch news reports on happenings at the park, dino facts from a wacky, 'Adam Ruins Everything' type actor, and other infomercials with park security. They are all actually quite long, and do very well to pass the time.

If you've seen the commercials or advertisements, they feature a mosasaur and I will say, I think that was my favorite part of the ride (it's right at the beginning).

Sorry the video is kinda bad, my fiance just took a tiny clip of it and doesn't know how cell phone video works. The herbivore area featured the same dinosaurs from the original ride (stego and parasaurolophus), and was a pretty small area. Next you pass the raptor pen (same from the original ride) right next to the indominous rex pen. There are some screens around with Claire yelling, "Teams are on their way!" and such, as the indo pen has clearly been opened. Up a ramp to an indoor area you go, where there are more screens warning you to stay calm and that help is on the way. You can see the indo head come in from the ceiling, all that moves is its mouth pretty much. After you go down a false drop, they put you in a darker indoor area in which you see a raptor sliding down from the ceiling (brought back from the original ride) some dilophosaurus spitting at you, and before the drop, an indo and t-rex head roaring at each other. Sadly you don't see much of the indo, and the T-rex is the same as what was used in the original.

All in all I was kinda disappointed, Universal Studios does screen/3D rides very well so I was hoping they would implement more of that, instead of reusing so much old stuff. I guess that would be difficult due to the fact that its a water ride, however. Of course after the ride, you end up in...THE GIFT SHOP! I'm so proud of myself, I managed to spend less than $100 this time. I got 2 mugs, a pin, and a really nice tank top. The gift shop is nice, and dangerous, as always.

All in all it was still a good day, got to go out and forget work stuff for a day! Yay!

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