I've been an avid video gamer since I was a little girl playing Super Mario Brothers with my mom. I didn't have any next gen consoles until the Xbox 360, but I would go over to a neighbors house to play on their Nintendo 64. Computers have always been a big part of my life thanks to my dad and his love for them. I would read the reviews for games on the back of his Maximum PC magazines and eventually started purchasing games of my own. My look was actually inspired by video game characters, I would always gravitate towards creating characters with red hair with a slight shaved style to them.


When I turned freelance I was finally able to work on creating cosplays, and getting pretty good at it. I've made guest appearances at various conventions and have appeared on brand social media pages. Some of my more notable cosplays have been my raider armor Fallout cosplay, as well as my Slave Leia Mercy and Atomic Wonder Woman. I realized I had a knack for making post apocalyptic/distressed looking armor. I have a dedicated section on my Youtube channel for cosplay tutorials.

I quit my regular “9-5” job in 2017 to pursue what I loved at the time which was modeling. I had competed in bodybuilding competitions but didn't find it to be a lucrative or rewarding career path. Working for schools, classes and artists was fun for me and much less stressful, and I loved meeting new people. I found that I enjoyed freelance work, being my own boss. How successful I was would be determined by the work I put into it, and “promotions” would happen as long as I continued to improve, instead of having to wait on someone at a company quitting or getting fired to take their position.In 2019 I formed my own LLC (Atom Bomb LLC) in order to encompass all the freelance things I do, figure modeling, live-streaming, and cosplay.

Gaming History

Pursing My Passions


In 2017 I discovered Twitch. I tried streaming a few times, since “I was already playing video games anyway.” It wasn't until 2018 that I realized I really enjoyed it decided to get more serious about it. I loved the idea of building a community with similar personalities and interests to me, and formed the “Atom Bomb Brigade”. I wanted to build a place where people can escape from their every day lives for a little while, forget their worries, and just laugh.


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