Atom Bomb Body  is an ex-bodybuilder turned professional full time Twitch streamer, podcast host, content creator and cosplayer. Her live-streams mainly focus on VR, and mixed reality supported games, and she also creates Twitch/VR streaming tutorials on Youtube. One of her biggest achievements was releasing her first free Ebook, 'VR Live-Streaming Basics'. Atom also hosts a podcast called Going Nuclear in which she interviews various content creators from all walks of life. She believes that anyone is capable of taking their passions and turning them into a career as long as they are willing to put the work in. She is a LIV Partner/content creator and also has been part of the stream team for Antlion Audio, Twitch Los Angeles, and non-profits Stack Up and BroadcastHER Recipients.

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Social Media

Basic Info

Instagram: 8k+ followers

Twitch: 1.3k+ followers


Youtube:  500 + subscribers

  • Twitch Streamer, Entertainer & Gamer

  • Cosplayer and Prop Maker
  • Convention Guest, Mascot and Panelist
  • Cosplay Contest Judge
  • Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model
  • Podcast Host
  • VR Youtube Educator

Available In Person Services

  • Convention guest appearances

  • Convention panels and workshops host

  • Cosplay Contest Judge

  • Booth attendant, booth cosplay model/mascot

  • Hosting and Interviewing

  • Live-streaming from event

  • Video Game Testing/QA

Guest and Cosplay Contest Judge

Powerhouse Comic Con 2019

Available Online Services


  • Sponsored Live Streams/Game Promotions

  • Social media brand promotion, brand ambassador

  • Product reviews, sponsored content

  • Hosting and Interviewing

Rates vary per project, email me at for business inquiries!

Hosting for LIV - Interviewing VR Content Creators and Developers

Convention Guesting & Staff History

  • Powerhouse Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest and Mascot and Contest Judge

  • California Republic Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest, Mascot and Contest Judge

  • Campbell Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest, Mascot and Contest Judge

  • Cos-Losseum Cosplay Con 2019: Cosplay Guest, Panel Host

  • Special Guest Dreamhack Anaheim 2020: Live-streamed from the Streamer Studio

  • Oro-Con 2019: Cosplay Guest

  • Meadowlark Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest, Mascot, Contest Judge

  • E3 2019: Costumed Character Backup for Ubisoft

  • Anime Expo 2019: Fashion show model for h.NAOTO

  • Long Beach Comic Con 2019: Sales/booth attendant for exhibitor, 'It Came From Planet Earth'.

Online Experience

  • LIV Partner
    Paid mixed reality streams on the LIV Twitch channel as well as interviewing other content creators and game devs.

  • Focus Home Interactive - Othercide
    Paid opportunity through Streamforge to live stream  Othercide  on the game's Steam page during launch.

  • SMG Studio - Moving Out
    Early access live stream on my personal Twitch channel.

  • Antlion Audio - ModMic Stream Team

  • Perfect World Entertainment - Torchlight 3
    Paid opportunity through Streamforge to live stream Torchlight 3 on the game's Steam page during launch.

  • Video Game Testing
    I participate in quite a few game testing sessions a year through Good Gamer Group/Interpret LA

  • The Arcade Crew - The Last Spell
    Paid opportunity through Streamforge to live stream The Last Spell on the game's Steam page during launch.

  • Buzzfeed
    Appeared in a Two Truths and a Lie video

  • Stack Up
    Volunteered time to live-stream on the non-profit's Twitch page to raise awareness and supporters for its cause. Raised $1,200 in charity money from my own personal live-stream.

  • Going Nuclear
    Host for my own podcast featuring various successful content creators and companies.


  • Nominated for 'Twitch Streamer of the Year' by the GameHERS



Panels and Workshops

  • Raised over $1,200 for Stack Up!

  • Volunteered some time streaming on Stack Up's Twitch page, helping promote the charity and gather awareness.

  • Interviewed other streamers at a Twitch LA Meetup through Stack Up.

  • Raised over $2,600 as a team with the Virtual Athletics League for Extra Life!

  • Participated in a VR charity stream as an honorary member of 'The Killetos' (all female VR E-sports team) in the video game Population One. To watch the match, click here. My squad placed 3rd out of 5.

  • Getting Started on Twitch

  • Content Creation as a Business

  • Live Streaming Virtual Reality 101

  • Getting Started in Cosplay

  • Making Post Apocalyptic Armor

  • Bringing Your Cosplays To Life! Painting Tips & Tricks.

Media Apperances

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