Atom Bomb Body is an ex-bodybuilder turned professional full time Twitch streamer, podcast host, content creator and cosplayer. Her live-streams focus on VR, horror, and strange simulation games.  Atom also creates Twitch/VR streaming tutorials on Youtube. Some of her more notable cosplay works include Fallout raider armor, Slave Leia Mercy, and Atomic Wonder Woman. She has also modeled for game companies such as Blizzard and Playstation/Santa Monica Studio. Atom also hosts a podcast called Going Nuclear in which she interviews various content creators from all walks of life. Atom believes that anyone is capable of taking their passions and turning them into a career as long as they are willing to put the work in. She is a LIV Partner/content creator and also has been part of the stream team for Antlion Audio and the non-profit Stack Up, and managed to raise $1,200 during her first charity month!

Social Media

Basic Info

Instagram: 9k+ followers

  • Twitch Streamer, Entertainer & Gamer

  • Cosplayer and Prop Maker
  • Convention Guest, Mascot and Panelist
  • Cosplay Contest Judge
  • Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model
  • Podcast Host
  • VR Youtuber

Twitch: 1.1k+ followers


Youtube:  261 + subscribers

Available In Person Services

  • Convention guest appearances

  • Convention panels and workshops host

  • Cosplay Contest Judge

  • Booth attendant, booth cosplay model/mascot

  • Hosting and Interviewing

  • Live-streaming from event

Guest and Cosplay Contest Judge

Powerhouse Comic Con 2019

Available Online Services


  • Sponsored Live Streams/Game Promotions

  • Social media brand promotion, brand ambassador

  • Product reviews, sponsored content

  • Hosting and Interviewing

Rates vary per project, email me at for business inquiries!

Hosting for LIV - Interviewing VR Content Creators and Developers

Convention Guesting & Staff History

  • Powerhouse Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest and Mascot and Contest Judge

  • California Republic Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest, Mascot and Contest Judge

  • Campbell Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest, Mascot and Contest Judge

  • Cos-Losseum Cosplay Con 2019: Cosplay Guest, Panel Host

  • Special Guest Dreamhack Anaheim 2020: Streamed from the Streamer Studio

  • Oro-Con 2019: Cosplay Guest

  • Meadowlark Comic Con 2018-2019: Cosplay Guest, Mascot, Contest Judge

  • E3 2019: Costumed Character Backup for Ubisoft

  • Anime Expo 2019: Fashion show model for h.NAOTO

  • Long Beach Comic Con 2019: Sales/booth attendant for exhibitor, 'It Came From Planet Earth'.

Online Experience

  • LIV Partner
    Paid mixed reality streams on the LIV Twitch channel as well as interviewing other content creators and game devs.

  • Focus Home Interactive - Othercide
    Paid opportunity through Streamforge to live stream  Othercide  on the game's Steam page during launch.

  • SMG Studio - Moving Out
    Early access live stream on my personal Twitch channel.

  • Antlion Audio - ModMic Stream Team

  • Perfect World Entertainment - Torchlight 3
    Paid opportunity through Streamforge to live stream Torchlight 3 on the game's Steam page during launch.

  • Buzzfeed
    Appeared in a Two Truths and a Lie video

  • Stack Up
    Volunteered time to live-stream on the non-profit's Twitch page to raise awareness and supporters for its cause. Raised $1,200 in charity money from my own personal live-stream.

  • Going Nuclear
    Host for my own podcast featuring various successful content creators and companies.


  • Nominated for 'Twitch Streamer of the Year' by the GameHERS

Examples of Table Displays

Powerhouse Comic Con 2019

Campbell Con 2018

Panels and Workshops

  • Getting Started on Twitch

  • Content Creation as a Business

  • Live Streaming Virtual Reality 101

  • Getting Started in Cosplay

  • Making Post Apocalyptic Armor

  • Bringing Your Cosplays To Life! Painting Tips & Tricks.

Media Apperances

  • Stack Up/Twitch LA 2019: Interviewed streamers at the official Twitch Los Angeles meetup on the Stack Up charity Twitch stream page.

  • Dremel 2019: Video featured on how to use dremel to create texture patterns on foam for cosplay.

  • Fallout and Bethesda Game Studios 2019: Cosplay featured on their official social media pages (Twitter and Instagram).

  • Fallout and Bethesda Game Studios 2018: Fallout themed ornament featured/retweeted on their official social media pages (Twitter and Instagram).

  • Merced Sun Star 2018: Featured in an article about California Republic Comic Con

  • "The Best Cosplay From Blizzcon 2017": Featured in the photo gallery for

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