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Full List of VR Game Holiday Updates (2022)

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

My goal with making this blog post was to track down all of the current VR games and figure out which have festive Christmas/holiday updates (which I'm a sucker for). Thank you to those who responded on the original Twitter post!

I also created a Youtube video featuring video snippets from a few of the games below in case you want to see more of what you're getting in to:

However there is no way in hell I could possibly fit 30+ games in less than a week in one video, so the full list is here and I'll try to keep updating it for this year as well. :) If you are a developer that would like your game added to this list, let me know on Twitter and ideally attach a screenshot of some sort!

Among Us VR

Among Us VR has Hat Pack DLC called 'Festive Favorites' that includes reindeer antlers, candy cane horns, a Christmas light headband, presents, snowmen, and more! This DLC is currently $5.99 and can be purchased on the Steam or Quest store.

Bean Stalker

The Bean Stalker Christmas event includes exclusive items, decorated beanstalks, and a Christmas trophy! Earn the Christmas trophy by collecting ornaments which can be obtained by defeating enemies wearing Santa's caps and opening gift packs on hidden branches. Exclusive consumables include a variety of cookies and sweets, turkey legs, milk potions and more. Exclusive weapons include the festive double barrel shotgun, confetti magazine and holy hand grenade. All can be crafted from ornaments collected from beanstalks. You can find Bean Stalker on Steam.

Beer Pong Basement

Beer Pong Basement's festive update includes a Christmas tree and decorations to the basement, Santa themed Ready Player Me avatar customization and Christmas movies playing in the background! You can play Beer Pong Basement for free on Sidequest.

Beers and Boomerangs

The joeys have Santa hats! Now you can feel guilty about smacking em' around with boomerangs. You can find Beers and Boomerangs on both Steam and Quest's app lab.

Blacktop Hoops

Not much is known about this event yet other than what appeared on their brief teaser trailer. It appears they will have some sort of winter themed event from Dec 19th to Jan 9th.You can find Blacktop Hoops for free on both Steam and Quest's app lab.

Crazy Kung Fu

Crazy Kung Fu's holiday update includes adding a tree and more festive decorations to it's lobby (also available in pass through for Quest users!). You can find Crazy Kung Fu on Steam and Quest app lab. (Photo thanks to Sidequest)


While not strictly a VR title, Devour has some spooky festivities going on as well. Besides a few festive decorations sprinkled in each map, you will also find presents randomly thrown about. Collect 40 presents to unlock an exclusive skin for Zara. Devour can be found on Steam.


For those of you who love EmuVR, the VR emulator - you too can get in the holiday mood simply by looking out the window of your room! EmuVR is free and you can find out more about it as well as how to download it here.


With FireZone's battle pass, players have access to Santa hats and candy cane rocket launchers! FireZone is free on Quest's app lab.

ForeVR Bowl

ForeVR Bowl has added five brand new holiday themed bowling balls, and 'Deck The Hall' themed lane! ForeVR Bowl is available on the Quest store.

ForeVR Cornhole

The ForeVR Cornhole Holiday Event includes five festive bags and boards as well as some decorations to the pro shop! ForeVR Cornhole is available on the Quest store.

Gorilla Tag

Become snow monke. Christmas decorations in existing areas, festive cosmetics and items, a trippy snowglobe to explore. Become monke on Steam or on Quest.

Grapple Tournament

Grapple Tournament's winter update includes winter decorations, candy cane melee weapons and festive hats! Grapple Tournament is available on Steam, Rift and Quest.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3VR for short) has a meatmas branch (accessed by right clicking on the game in your library>betas>meatmas) which includes and advent calendar snow globe. The map will be updated every day, find a new calendar box hidden somewhere in the scene - open, and enjoy! H3VR is available on Steam (and only Steam).

Iron Guard VR

Iron Guard VR has added some Christmas cheer to their winter biome levels, and are also hosting a giveaway contest to go along with it! To enter you must find all 35 gift boxes for a chance to win a Meta gift card worth $25. You can find the official details on their tweet here. Iron Guard VR is available on Steam and Quest.

Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak VR Mirage's Australia enviornment now has a Christmas makeover, complete with Santa himself if you can find him! A Santa Hat is also unlockable in the Sea Miles shop. Kayak VR: Mirage is available on Steam.

Little Cities

Little Cities released a Snowy Islands DLC which gives creators access to two new islands, plus a generous sprinkling of fresh attractions, buildings, utilities, and the occasional avalanche! The Snowy Islands DLC is currently $6.99 on the Quest store.


LO-FI goes all out for the holidays, featuring collectibles and lights to pimp your ride and home. Every NPC decorates their shops and businesses making this a great game to scout for Christmas decorations! LO-FI will be on Steam eventually but a early access PC build can be found on

Mash Me Up

Mash Me Up has added a snowball fight to their rotation of mini games. You can find it for free on the Quest app lab.


Another game on this list that isn't solely VR, Phasmophobia's 2022 Holiday Event involves finding cookies in maps marked with a Christmas tree sticker to feed to the ghost! Collect all 6, and once the ghost consumes them you're in for a festive chill. The lobby and truck also feature Christmas decorations for the season. Phasmophobia is available on Steam.

Population One

If you're feeling competitive, Population One has unlockable skins by simply getting in some play time. Population One is available on Steam and Quest.

Puzzling Places

If you head into Puzzling Places you'll find a free holiday puzzle called "Christmas on Fell St.", photogrammetry from Baltimore, MD, USA. Puzzling Places can be found on the Quest store.

RealVR Fishing

Come back each week to RealVR Fishing and unlock festive outfit pieces such as deer sunglasses, a deer trapper hat and a Christmas suit! Real VR Fishing is available on the Quest store.

Rec Room

In Rec Room gifts will be scattered all over the Roomiverse - collect them for XP you can use to buy all sorts of holiday themed items! Rec Room is free to play on Steam, Quest, Rift, PSVR, iOS, Android, Xbox...just check out the full platform list here.

Requisition VR

In Requisition VR's Holiday update the halls (lobby) are decked with festive decor, as is a new horde map - GoodHouse Christmas! You'll also find new Christmas outfits for both players and zombies. Christmas items will spawn in cupboards (cookies, sweets), and there's a new Christmas launcher heroic weapon. Best of all...there's a snowball fight mode! Requisition VR can be purchased on Steam.

Rogue Ascent VR

Not much is known about this update yet other than expect some sweet treats to be arriving! Rogue Ascent VR is available on the Quest app lab.

Samurai Slaughter House

You can't have 'slaughter' without 'laughter'. In Samurai Slaughter House, collect holiday spirit to earn an exclusive holiday machete. Don't forget to grab Santa hats off enemies, not only are they incredibly festive, but they can also slow time! Samurai Slaughter House is available for SteamVR or the Quest from TabGames page.

Shave & Stuff

If you've ever wanted to give Santa a makeover, now's your chance. Shave & Stuff is available on the Quest app lab.

Spacefolk City

Christmas Spacefolk are back! Featuring two new snowy levels including a Christmas sandbox (or snowbox?) and a special Christmas track as well! Spacefolk City is available on Steam and the Quest store.

Stunt Track Builder

Stunt Track Builder's update includes a new holiday town map, snow fall, snowmen and Christmas trees. This map has 12 Christmas themed donuts, 3 super donuts and 6 reward packs. You'll also find 3 new winter cars, winter sled, Santa sleigh and merry train. Stunt Track Builder is available on the Quest app lab.

Synth Riders

Santa is coming to town! See if you can spot him in some festively re-done Synth Riders maps. Give yourself a holiday themed emblem and expect this update (and more) to hit once the clock strikes midnight Christmas Day! Synth Riders can be found on Steam, Quest, PSVR and Viveport.


VAIL's winter update includes snow maps (the armory, Volt and Khidi) and lethal snow balls that can kill your opponent in one hit. VAIL is available on the Steam store.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Spread some holiday cheer in your next Walkabout Mini Golf game with some festive piercings, hat and outfit cosmetics! Pro Tip: This map is available all year long but the night mode course for Original Gothic is perfect for Christmas! Walkabout Mini Golf is available for Steam, Quest, and Rift.

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith's Winter Festival update includes a new world event, agent rank challenges and the ability to earn winter coins, toys, and valuable rewards. The public event happens in Fractured Plains: - summon and defeat Faminus, the Hunger! Give out "mystery" presents to NPCs with random rewards, build snow friends and throw snowballs around in town. There are also an exclusive pet available, the frosted stripetail! Speak to Wynty near the Nexus District entrance to cash in winter coins for new toys, improved recipes, cosmetic pandowl themed winter headwear and of course for the frosted stripetail pet! Zenith: The Last City is available on Steam, Quest, and PSVR.


I wanted to leave a thank you here to all the developers who decided to add a little Christmas cheer to their games and brighten up the holidays for gamers everywhere. Thank you, we really appreciate you!

If there are any that I might be missing from this list, let me know on Twitter and ideally attach a screenshot or video of some sort to save me time (and money)!

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